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What a welcome!

The Gardens are shaping up for being at their most gorgeous on the 27 June Open Day. These roses literally shine out from under the trees around the car park, particularly on a gloomy day! And the Italian garden is looking stunning. It is invideous to name a few plants, but… the waterlilies are flowering serenely, surrounded by the restored balustrade; the voodoo lily is in flower; and one of the Portuguese laurels is dripping with flowers, but apparently that is a sign of stress, which of course we don’t want!! In the glade, we definitely have more orchids and grass vetchlings in the grass this year than previously; ragged robins and red campion give spots of colour; and the yellow flags are coming into bloom near the stumpery. In the walled kitchen garden, the stars are the Allium cristophii – which are huge!

This week was our AGM and a great opportunity to celebrate what we have managed to achieve despite the pandemic, including increasing our opening hours by opening on Thursdays (no pre-ticketing) as well as our once a month Sunday Open Days (tickets required for these).