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Here today, gone tomorrow

These iris are a joy to see as another herald of spring, but you have to snap a picture when you see them as the deer love eating them! We are also now seeing the pink pussy willow in the Japanese garden (Salix Mount Aso) and the first daffodils. Volunteers worked this week on splitting our snowdrop clumps and planting out snowdrops from our nursery bed to make for an even better show next year.

With the Gate now shut to visitors till April, other major work restarted, with mechanical assistance clearing out roots of scrubby shrubs and starting preparation for a new path. The rill is undergoing a major reworking and in gorgeous weather the volunteers were also prepping for sewing the first veg seeds soon – although the forecast cold snap might delay that!

March is when we run New Volunteer Days, on 11 and 16 March. Although we welcome new volunteers all year round, our New Volunteer Days are specifically for this purpose with time to show round prospective volunteers and a good occasion for new volunteers to buddy up.  Take a look and register with us if you would like to come.