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Bugs in the Gardens

We are counting our bugs…come and help us on our Open Day, Sunday 24 June, when we will have help on hand to identify them. This one, on fungi on a tree in the Glade, stumped us … it appears to be eating the fungi. Local expert, Jono Forgham, reckons its a scaphidium quadrimaculatum

The Gardens are blooming despite the lack of rain and should look particularly stunning for the Open Day. The Periploca Graeca, one of the original Victorian plants in the Gardens, is covered in flower, and mock orange are brightening up otherwise dark corners. The Indian Horse Chestnuts are in full bloom in the Glade and in the gardens of Warwick House. And of course the water lilies on the pond in the Italian garden and the fishing lake at the bottom of the Glade are drought tolerant!!