The Trust's work to maintain and restore the Gardens is funded through the monies taken at Open Days and through fundraising. Donations and on-going financial support are invaluable .

So, even if you are already a Friend of the Gardens or a Season Ticket holder, we would really appreciate your additional fundraising support and there are three really easy options set out below or contact us if you would like to make a donation:

Fund a baluster

We are fundraising to support our project to restore the balustrade around the lilypond in Peto's Italian Garden. A donation of £250 will fund a new baluster and we need to replace 91 of the 134 balusters! But any sum will help us reach the total we require for matching the Community Project Grant we have been awarded, subject to match funding, by Uttlesford District Council. Please find a donation form here which can be downloaded and returned to us with your donation.

The Giving Machine

This is a local charitable company which enables you to raise donations for the causes you choose every time you shop online. You can use this link to set up a Giver account and then click to shops via TheGivingMachine website, desktop reminder or mobile app every time you shop online.


This company was set up to enable supporters to raise funds for their chosen charities when they shop online with retailers who participate in the scheme. You can use this link to go to their website to register.


Amazon have set up Amazon Smile to make donations as customers make purchases from Amazon, instead of enabling donations through third party sites such as EasyFundraising or the Giving Machine. Eligible purchases lead to donations of 0.5% of the purchase price, but not all items are eligible. You can use this link to shop through Amazon Smile - make sure you select the Gardens of Easton Lodge to receive your donations!