It was wet this week – hurrah! And the risk of frosts is now hopefully gone too. With that and all the hard work of volunteers, by the 23 May Open Day the walled kitchen garden should be starting to look a lot fuller. This week Geoff and Carol helped prep beds for veg, Margaret and Martin erected runner bean frames and Steven is working on caging for greens. We made a start on planting out the veg that volunteers have raised: lettuces, beans, kale, courgettes, cucumbers, squashes, pumpkins and sweetcorn to follow. The potatoes will be banked up by the weekend; and the carrot, beetroot, spinach and chard seedlings should come on in leaps and bounds with the rain. Peter and Ann were also planting up the cut flower beds and Sam and Richard were adding to the dahlia border.

The rain is bringing on the weeds, so Carrie and Sue, Valerie and Ann worked at removing them from the Italian garden, while Clare, Jacqueline, Steph and Liza tidied the Japanese garden. In the Lime Wood, the rain made my job much easier: lifting and replanting daffodils to break up the clumps and spread them.

So, lots of work done despite the rain.