What a joyous Open Day we had on Sunday – the sun shone all day and the Gardens were looking beautiful, with late daffodils and narcissi and early tulips and tree blossom everywhere. We are now looking forward to the rest of the season and next year too! This is one of the last sections of the balustrade to be repaired and the stonemasons should be back on site this week and have the work finished by the time of the May Open Day. The waterlilies are beginning to send up leaves and we saw our first damselfly of the season, so the pond should also be looking good by then!

We have done more planting in the Italian, Japanese and walled kitchen gardens; and started moving daffodils, which were in “the wrong places” and/or were clumps that needed dividing up.  And we have done more spring pruning, mulching and weeding. And cut the grass – it is managing to grow in some parts of the Gardens despite the rains.