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Daffs are cheering us up

It was a grey and wet day for volunteers this week, but we remained cheerful, buoyed by the sight of daffodils opening up around the Gardens. We have over 30 varieties, from simple wild ones to showy colours and blowsy petals and trumpets. The massed showings in the lime walk and in the glade are particularly special, but we have also added collections in smaller pockets around the Gardens and the tete-a-tete along the west top edge of the Italian garden are just starting to come through and will be a spectacular frame for the views of the glade. It is also lovely to see the first fruit blossom in the walled kitchen garden – peach and nectarine – as well as the blossom on trees in the Gardens. And primoses and violets too.

Lots of work got done despite the rain: moving snowdrops in the green, pruning shrubs, removing garlicky allium bulbs from the Italian garden, work on the path in the west wood and of course more work to finish the entrance path. The latter has been a huge effort and the volunteers are making a fantastic job of it.