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A sunny Thursday at last

What a tonic it was, to enjoy sunshine and a little warmth in the Italian Garden and the walled kitchen garden this Thursday, after all the rain.

The Gardens are very boggy and it has been impossible for Roger and team to re-lay the path by the gate. But as always, there is always something else on the list that can be done, so long as you don’t now walk on the borders or the snowdrops and daffodils that are beginning to poke their leaves up.

Tony, Keith and Sam moved more manure, to mulch roses in the Italian garden and get ready for more veg in the walled garden. Ann, Sam and Richard did more cutting back of perennials. Clare, Jacqueline, Sue and Steph managed more planting in the Japanese garden. Steven mended fencing. Sue and Jane worked on our records of fruit trees. Lesley and I helped Ronnie find the right size pieces of wood for sculpting.