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A rose on the rise

Every dead tree is a loss, but we have left this dead elm standing as it may be a bat roost. It will soon be bursting with new life too, as the Madame Alfred Carriere rose that Steph, Sue and Clare planted at its base is a rampant climber. It is from a cutting taken by Sue and volunteers two years ago from the rose near the Archive building. That one now needs a significant prune as the ancient crab apple it climbs has lost much of its crown. So, the life cycle keeps on turning.

It was rather wet this week, but the upside of that is that the lilypond is now nearly full and that new trees and other plantings will be well watered in! Unfortunately the local wildlife is also enjoying some of our plantings – the deer have had a real go at some philadelphus; badgers enjoyed a snack on some daffodils; and we think it must have been squirrels who found and extracted some tulips planted in the ground in wire baskets! Love ’em!