It was a glorious day for the Trust’s AGM at the Gardens, sunny and warm. But it’s definitely autumn – the fungi are springing up and the pumpkins are ripening. And of course the Easton Countess apples are ripening, as we get ready for the Apples and Bees Open Day on Sunday.

We generally have quite a few types of fungi and many of our volunteers can name some. But, I am no expert. Is this a shaggy parasol? If you visit the Gardens and are an expert, please do leave us with a list of what you have seen in case it adds to our knowledge!

After the meeting volunteers fanned out to tidy up the Gardens ahead of the open day. Lawns were cut and border edges tidied; dahlias and other perennials were deadheaded; and more radical clearance was undertaken on a couple of shrub beds less routinely tackled. So all’s now good!