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The battle against box moths

Box tree caterpillars can eat their way through all the leaves on box bushes/trees and there can be 2 or 3 caterpillar hatchings a year. The moths were first reported in Britain in 2007 and are now widespread in London and the South East, so we have been keeping our eyes peeled for them. We have traps in place and Steve and Tony today were continuing the Herculean job of spraying.

It was the hottest day of the year, so we were watering and picking as much soft fruit as we could manage in the heat. The squashes and courgettes are loving the heat, so we will have lots available, along with onions, chard and beetroot, to sell to open Thursday visitors and visitors on our first full open day since the unlock, on July 19.

Sue was again scaring away a duck from the Peto lily pond and scooping out muck, while also putting in a few more snails and more oxygenating weed. If you have any spare pond snails or pond oxygenators, please think of us and donate it – we need lots more!