Prepping for wall building

Denny is all set now to rebuild the wall at the back of the kitchen garden with our old bricks, delivered to him by John, Sam and Stephen. It will really tidy up that corner. Perhaps it might also keep off more frosts and increase the warmth in that area?

The walled garden, like the rest of the Gardens, has been refreshed by the rain, so the soft fruit is swelling and ripening fast – the first 3 kilos of blackcurrants are picked ready for cake making and so now the jamming season can start. The vegetables are also coming on stream, to supply Little Easton Manor’s Isolated Shop and visitors to our socially distanced open days over the rest of the season.

Elsewhere the roses are providing lovely splashes of colour and the dahlias and day lilies are coming out. Our gardeners’ focus is on deadheading, weeding and tidying of the borders, the Japanese Garden and the stumpery; and cutting back some of the early perennials so they have a second burst of flower later in the season.