It was spring-like this week, but final clearance in the top end of the walled kitchen garden is still hard-going, with bracken, brambles, nettles and dogwood to dig up as well as bricks to remove! Preparation of the dahlia border and raised beds was much more straightforward, so they are looking good for planting in due course.

The Gardens are looking really lovely, with the first daffodils, primroses and iris as well as all the snowdrops. The bees were out foraging and Claire saw her first butterfly of the year.

Fingers crossed that Storm Ciara is not too awful. But if it does bring lots of rain, at least Rod, Roger and John have managed to get Bertie’s (the new gazebo) finished, with guttering and water butts so we will collect the water for use in the Gardens; and Carol, Terry and Ian have finished painting to keep the buildings watertight!