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The aconites are ahead of the snowdrops!

“The snowdrops will be perfect” Claire always says in advance of the snowdrop open days and she is always right! Some years we have a few in full flower in December, but then cold weather holds them up. This year, we had a cold snap in November and a mild Christmas and new year, and the snowdrops are later coming through. But the aconites …well, they are definitely ahead of the snowdrops!

The volunteers are erecting a wooden gazebo next to Daisy’s and Carolyn is working out the logistics to use it as a second catering outlet. Elsewhere we are clearing wooded areas for new walkways and clearing beds for new planting.

It is the beginning of a new year and a new decade and as ever we have lots of plans to restore the Gardens further (we are fundraising to restore the lilypond balustrade); and to makes peoples’ visits even more enjoyable. And of course we have to defend our 1st prize wins for our largest pumpkin and gorgeous dahlias!  Watch this space!