The joys of Spring

Sunshine, flowers, company, a bit of manual work and coffee and cake – the joys of spring for our volunteers! Ruth, Valerie and Maggie got to enjoy it in the Italian garden where the autumn planted tulips are looking great. Others worked on the stumpery;  woodwork for a replacement bridge in the glade; squirrel proofing the fruit cages in the kitchen garden; watering in new cuttings; and much more besides.

It was a glorious day – even though it wasn’t warm. Many of the spring flowers are coming out all at once: as well as the last of the daffodils, there are now the tulips and cowslips and bluebells in the Glade. The fresh leaves are coming on the trees. The fruit, vegetables and herbs are developing for the new season.  And, thanks to Janet, we had fantastic cakes for our volunteers and the group of visitors who came in the afternoon.