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The black arts of compost

Compost is universally prized in the Gardens, but how to make it is more controversial! Today was the day for turning one bin over into the next, to mix it, and hopefully accelerate it; whilst making space for more in the emptied bin. We are also agreeing new rules for what goes in, and more importantly what doesn’t – we don’t want to spread the invasive weeds that we have already (bind weed, those stinky alliums, just to name a couple!!).

Unfortunately, we can’t add our cardboard cups to the mix – we get through too many and they have thin plastic liners. Alternative fully compostable cups need to be composted at a higher temperature than we can manage in our ordinary compost bins and we don’t make food waste to make for a richer mix. So, we will cut down on their non-essential use, while we keep looking for alternative cups and composters.

So, another winter job done!