After that second blast of cold weather, it was so nice to welcome new volunteers to our Volunteers Day in sunshine and with the ground workable again! The daffodils are starting to come out and the blossom on the peach and nectarine trees is showing pink, the grass is growing so mowing has started .. is Spring definitely with us now?

The big job of the day in the Italian garden and surrounding beds was allium removal – not the lovely big blue ones, but the small white flowered utterly invasive ones that smell garlicky and apparently can be used in cooking as wild garlic – they are called Allium Paradoxum. Wiki says “It was introduced to the British Isles in 1823 and was first recorded as wild in 1863. It is considered an invasive species and is illegal to plant in the wild”. The flowers are pretty but are hermaphrodite and produce bulbils so they spread rapidly through the ground and from their flowers.