|  16th Mar 2017


“The daffodils are making a great show…


in the Peto lime walk and also down the Glade. While in the walled kitchen garden, the peaches and nectarines are showing the first signs of pink blossom. Why not contact us and come and see for yourself on Thursday 23 Marchfor information see our facebook page


It suddenly feels like there is limited time to do all the things we want to do before the first full season Open Day on 23 April. In the Italian garden volunteers planted out over a hundred new Helianthemums (rock roses), to edge the formal beds; did lots more tidying; and fed the huge carp which were definitely out of their winter torpor. In the kitchen garden snowdrops were moved from areas they were not wanted into a new nursery bed; there was digging to prepare for planting herbs and flowers; and the second grass cutting of the year. On Saturday grass seed was sown on the far end, which will hopefully start to keep down the nettles! More flint was laid in the Peto rill. The new shed was erected.  A busy, but very enjoyable day.”

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