What We Do

Our Mission & Objectives
(which apply only to that part of the gardens owned by Land Securities)

The Gardens of Easton Lodge Preservation Trust is a Registered Charity (no. 1101442) which exists to protect these historic gardens, their atmosphere and integrity for the continuing benefit and enjoyment of the public.

i) We will widen the community involvement in using, maintaining, enjoying and developing the gardens.

ii) We will create and maintain a development plan for the restoration of the gardens.

iii) We will continue to reflect the Countess of Warwick’s desire to provide learning opportunities to the public and local community.


Our Core Values

(which apply to how we operate at all times)

i) We will strive to create and maintain a strategic partnership with key stakeholders.

ii) We will wherever possible utilise local services and companies

iii) We will conduct our operations in an environmentally friendly way.

iv) We will retain the friendly, enchanting and informal atmosphere of the gardens.